Friday, October 11, 2013

Shinjuku Ramen House, Katipunan Ext., Quezon City

Shinjuku Ramen House
Katupunan Ext., Quezon City
Tamago / Php 110
Salmon Maki / Php 170
Beef Ramen / Php 275
I just took a small sip of the broth. It was tasty. 
Son poured this chili oil to make it spicy hot! 
I don't really like soup and do not eat ramen,
but if the Son likes it, I like it too!
Shinjuku Ramen House claims to be the best Ramen House in town.
They have a branch in Hercules St. cor Makati Ave., Bel-Air. 
Son is just thrilled that there is another Japanese Ramen House
around the corner.  After Sushi-Ya closed, we had nowhere to go
for affordable Japanese food. Son loves ramen and adores Japanese
cuisine. Oh,  I have said that a zillion times right?  I even try to cook 
Japanese food at home and it isn't really easy to do.
We will be back!  As if, you didn't know that too.
There's Cafe 205 beside the restaurant where you can have
coffee and cake after your Japanese meal.
/ chicsanders 2013


  1. there used to be a shinjuku along pasong tamo, near makati cinema square....i remember having piping hot ramen and gyoza for dinner there once....yummy! wonder if they have the same owner?

  2. yes debbie. they probably do have the same owner. :) :) :)